Jolene  : President, Founder of CVCC, Co-Editor

JGD Great Danes & JGD Dalmatians; Great Danes(Fawn/Brindle) and Dalmatians  

      Jolene  has shown animals since a youth starting in 4-H. Having many dogs in her life time and being rasied on a ranch, Jolene first started showing her Doberman in the early 1980s which lead to her showing of her Great Danes and Dalmatians in AKC & International Dog shows.
Jolene does all appropriate health checks with her breeding program. Her Great Dane "Sampson" lived a long life of 16 years & her Doberman "'JD" up to 17 years!

      "Breed only quality not quantity." is her motto.

     What we breed today affects the next generation of Canines. Breeding for the BEST Health, Temperament, Correct Structure and Correct Strong Smooth Movement for a Long Healthy Life. "

  Dawn Smith; Vice-President, Co-Founder of CVCC

Smith Dobermans; White and AKC Reg. Colored Dobermans

My name is Dawn. I have owned AKC White Dobermans and Non-White since 1994. I'm always rescuing, fostering and rehabilitating animals that are in need; from birds to horses. I have always had a love for the 'underdog' which is why I took to the White Dobermans. My husband takes a great interest [as do I] in the dogs, their bloodlines, health and temperament. We have shown the allowable colors in AKC and IABCA. My moto: Breed the best to the best!

Dr. Kathleen Kenyon DVM; Advising Veterinarian/Founding Member

Kenyon's of Dog Creek Black and Blue Great Danes; Blue and Black Great Danes

  I am Dr. Kitty Kenyon. I have been a veterinarian for 28 years in my own private practice in California. I have owned Great Danes for 20 years and have been showing and breeding for 12 years.
  I am committed to producing quality blue and black Great Danes and to improving the structure, health, and temperament of this breed.  I do not breed to just produce puppies. I care about the forever homes of all my puppies.  Before I breed, I do all health testing recommended by the GDCA (Great Dane Club of America). I also do temperament testing on my adults and puppies.
My puppies are evaluated at 8 weeks for structure and temperament according to the GD standard and Pat Hasting’s  Puppy Puzzle method. For more information on myself and my dogs go to my website.

Joanne and Steve Scott; Founding Member

24K Golden Retrievers; Champion Golden Retrievers

   Joanne and Steve have put in more than 25 years of dedication and passion into the breed by holding their breeding ethics to the highest standard. In following the motto "Breed Quality, Not Quantity", they selectively breed one to two litters a year. Health testing for hips, eyes, and heart are done on all dogs/bitches that are considered for breeding before, during, and after their Championship status. All pet quality puppies are sold with a spay/neuter contract and show quality puppies are sold with co-ownership contracts. As members of the AKC, GRCA, and GRCLA, Joanne and Steve do not follow the latest trends of designer dogs such as Goldendoodles, Platinum White Goldens, "Rare" White Goldens, Mini Goldens etc. They take pride as being breeders of quality Golden Retrievers and all of their success in the breed (conformation) ring.


Karen Whyte; Founding Member 

Smiling Dals; Dalmatians

I have been breeding for temperament and health since 1993. I came from the Terrier ring in the 70's to Dals in the 90's. I have been showing my own Dals since 1998, having previously handled for other breeders.
I show in AKC, IABCA as well as UKC. I have bred/owned several Am/Nat/Int/UKC Champions. My dogs have consistently ranked in the Top 10 for UKC, and have won RBIS awards. I also have multiple BOB winners from the classes in AKC!
My dogs are BAER hearing tested, OFA hips, CERF eyes, and Thyroid as a rule, not just if I suspect a problem. I breed for healthy dogs with sound temperaments who meet the standard of the breed, both in form and function.
I have a litter occasionally, my puppies come with a guarantee against any genetic health defects. Pet puppies are sold on spay/neuter agreement. All show prospects are available on contract and I take back any dogs or puppies should the owner ever need to find homes for them.  

Ron & Judy Inman

A Promise Kennels; Champion Golden Retrievers & English Springer Spaniels

We have raised, trained and shown multiple Golden Retriever and English Springer Spaniel Champions over the past 20 years. Our dogs have wonderful temperaments and friendly, outgoing personalities. In addition to their beauty and charm, they are also quite healthy and thrive in a warm family atmosphere. 

All dogs used in our breeding program have their clearances done, which include hips, heart and elbows certified through OFA and their eyes cleared annually by a board certified ophthalmologist. Our goal is to produce puppies that are healthy and structurally correct that possess wonderful temperaments. Puppies are raised in our home and we utilize Neurological Stimulation on them beginning shortly after birth. We believe this helps them develop into a more outgoing and smarter puppy/dog. We personally look to place our puppies into homes where they are going to be in the house and part of the family.

We breed a litter to have something to show in the ring, or to train for a purpose (therapy dogs, service dogs, obedience, agility, field...). As a result, you will most likely need to be on a waiting list for one of our puppies. Please visit our website.

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