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Do you ever have second thoughts about if you have chosen the best puppy from your breeding? Do you find it hard to decide for yourself which pup would be best for your breeding program?  Are you trying to improve your breeding program but don't know if you are headed in the right direction? Well, look no further as you have come to the right place!

Central Valley Critiquing Club (CVCC) is a breeder founded club that is based off the teachings of Bob and Pat Hastings, the creators of the video "The Puppy Puzzle". "The Puppy Puzzle" was developed to examine and evaluate the structural soundness of puppies and rate them accordingly. The process discussed in the video has been used by the Hastings to evaluate over 250 litters per year. For years they have documented each evaluation and have been amazed at the accuracy of the process. The video, proving to be very helpful in selecting the right pup for your breeding program does however have its downside.

Unfortunately, as breeders and being human, we sometimes find it hard to be unbiased when it comes to judging our own breeding stock and offspring, We would like to think that all of our animals are perfect as we love them, and don't want to think anything bad about our dear four legged children. We then tend to let things go or slide, and too ofen do we ask ourselves, "What if?"

Such as, "What if the herring gut does go away?" or "What if I'm wrong by what I am seeing or feeling and the pup will grow into his long back?"

After asking all the "What ifs" we begin to doubt ourselves and end up picking the pup we THINK we should keep, and not the pup we KNOW we should keep. This unfortunately, but not intentionally, leads to more serious matters starting with a bad case of "Kennel Blindness". Since we tend to trick ourselves into believing what we want to believe, this process can not be done alone by a single person, let alone the breeder!

That is why the CVCC was founded. We are a group of experienced breeders willing to share our unbiased opinon to help improve breeding stock and future offspring! We travel all over Central California to evaluate  litters, and help narrow the selection for picking the next Best in Show winner!

Please take a look around our site to learn more about whom we are and what our goal(s) our club is reaching to attain! Also on our site you'll find more information about health, the process, more about our club and its members. Take a look at our testimonial page for exciting comments from our "Puppy Critiquing Parties"! If you have any questions please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Thanking You,

Members of the CVCC



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